Jalur Hukum Dipilih Setelah Seorang Pria Yunani Mengaku Sebagai Putra Mikis Theodorakis

Riots prevail in the family of Mikis Theodorakis, as a man has appeared who claims to be the son of the great composer, who passed away on 2 September. Nikos Kouris, manager of Mikis Radio, used the name Nikos Theodorakis. At noon on Thursday (30/9), however, with a provisional measure issued by the Court of First Instance, he is forbidden to use the surname of Mikis. The insurance application will be heard on November 30th Margarita Theodoraki is reported to have turned against the 54-year-old man. In his question, he states – among other things – that Nikos Kouris “promotes himself and mixes himself in various events and situations of current social life as the son of Mikis Theodorakis